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Texturas field trip

By Chef Tali Clavijo

So today was my second time back to the meat market district in Chicago’s Fulton Market. I love this place because of all of the great restaurants and industrial vibe. Moreover, this is the place where I get my ‘texturas’ powders and other fine meats, cheeses, and everything else from Espana.

Meat market/fulton market district - Chicago, IL

So, I arrive at May St and Lake under the el tracks and I see the place where I will eventually get all of my texturas powders, and other cool molecular gastronomy essentials.

May and Lake, the molecular wharehouse

As I prepare to go inside this tiny hole in the wall warehouse called JDY Meats, I notice a freight elevator and a walk in fridge that houses some of the rarest meats outside of Spain. I could not believe how many pounds of really exotic meats, such as ‘la pata negra, and jamon serrano, I saw in this tiny place.

JDY Meat, click above to visit site

I could not believe the amount of molecular gastronomy powders and other gadgets in this wharehouse, but they where all there. In fact, this is the only place in Chicago to carry the entire line of ‘Texturas’ products that are used by the best chefs in the world!!!

After I got on the freight elevator I was helped by Efren, an expert on fine artisan Spanish products. He showed me the molecular section and I was floored by all the powders right in front of me.

molecular gastronomy section - click to learn more

And there was more, much more. I couldn’t help but to resist getting a picture of myself in here.

Chef Tali Clavijo with Texturas Products

It was at this moment that I decided to just get everything they had to offer me. I just love this type of happy ending.

For more info, please visit the http://www.jdymeat.com website to inquire more about obtaining your own texturas products. This place offers competitive prices and will ship anywhere.
Also, feel free to write to me with any questions at kombucha@me.com

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